Do I need a new office or a laboratory space for my company? How can I find the most suitable location for my business?

Do you know that the Italian Scientific and Technology Parks can offer space, offices and laboratories suitable to start and operate any type of business? Send us an email and tell us what you need, we will get in touch with you to discuss our options.

I came up with a breakthrough idea. How can I turn it into a business opportunity?

Inside the nextwork of the Italian Science and Technology parks you can find competences and infrastructures like incubators and accelerators that can help fledgling businesses to succeed. Get in contact with us and we will provide you all the necessary information.

I generated a breakthrough technology, how can I protect my intellectual property?

The Italian PST ecosystem is able to offer the access to experts on technology transfer and professionals with experience on copyright and patent issues. Protect your idea, click here to ask for more information.

I would like to diversify the product portfolio of my company, how can look for opportunities for expansion into new market?

At the Italian PSTs you can find the space that fits best your needs as well as you have access to experts of innovation that will guide you through international business scenarios. Do you want to know more? Contact us.

I'd like to to find grants and financial incentives to support the R&D costs of my company, who should I contact?

The network of Italian PST offers support on finding the best financial mechanism for your business needs. Do you want to know more? Contact us.

I need to get certification in order to deliver my product in the italian or the EU markets, what is the process that I need to follow?

Certification is a complex process that requires careful evaluations and taylor solutions. The Italian PSTs offer specific support: you can contact APSTI and get in touch with the Park that has the relevant experience to offer based on your target product and maket.

I'd like to participate to UE Calls for financements or to international tenders. How can I reach the international partnership needed to grow a successful project?

APSTI grant a network of international relationships in all the innovation environment. The PSTs professionals have the know-how to support you in all your needs. Contact us and start writing your project!

I need to access to a cutting edge technology platform but we cannot afford high prices, who should I contact?

The Italians PSTs offer the access to a number of laboratories set up with required technologies to support innovation during product lifecycle. Write to us and we will show you the set up that best fit your business needs.


Contact us!

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